Course - How to Eco Print - Best practices


Price available at the end of this month


3 days


About the Course

  • Staying at Quinta de Villa Franca , you´ll prepare fabrics to have solid and enduring results;

  • You´ll collect leaves, prepare bundles to fix the prints

  • You´ll, also, have some extra knowledge about dyeing natural fabrics, tannins, pigments, natural fibers,..

During your stay, you´ll, also, have an excelent choice of others experiences to appreciate.

Your Instructor

Susana Neto

Textile Artist and Artisan, living in Oporto, happy mother of two daughters!
She works, mainly, with linen and cotton, upcycling fabrics that are, still, very good, but people don´t use, anymore.
She, also, investigate the hability of portuguese plants to print, and the most actual methods to eco dye and print.

Susana Neto